What is a Home gym for kid or fitness at home

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The Home gym for kid (HGK) is a good solution for family and busy people. Agree, modern children need continuous movement. Developing the child intellectually, parents sometimes forget a hackneyed phrase «Movement is life!». The help of parents can consist in creation of such environment for the child, which would allow not only to watch animated cartoons and play video games, but also go in for sports at home. Imagine, it’s a different thing, when on the way from a computer to a refrigerator, a teenager (or an adult) «will hang» for about 30 minutes on an exerciser, having stepped from the refined life to house «jungle» where it is possible both to hang for a while, and rock, and tumble to feel like «Tarzan», deriving thus not only pleasure and charge of energy, but also real advantage for health.

Baby is busy, mother’s life is easy.

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Vital energy of children beats literally like a geyser. And if not to use it for the necessary goals, it may become destructive. It is good if the child attends a kindergarten or has a sports nurse. Though, it is not enough for some children. The unrestrained need for the movement awakes imagination in them, and the house furniture bears mission of sports exercisers. It’s only a pity that parents don’t rejoice the jumping chairs and prompt flights of their children from a case on a bed. Dear parents, not only furniture suffers in such situations. Building a Home gym (HG) is much more safely and more useful to physical development of your favorite fidgets. By the way, parents will be sure of safety of occupations on HG if there are bright soft mats round a home gym, sewed according to the quality standards made of hard materials.

Primary school constant mobility.

When our daughters and sonnies are admitted to school, it is very important to find harmony and to dilute intellectual (sedentary) work with cheerful warm-up in time. However, it happens quite seldom that children voluntary exercise, standing or lying on a rug. And here the Home gym for kid excites them the same as department of perfumery and cosmetics excites women. HGK in the apartment attracts even unsportsmanlike children who hesitate to come into the sports hall where there are a lot of more sporty children. HGK at home is prevention (or part of treatment) of scoliosis, fatigue, stagnation in development, bad mood and diseases of musculoskeletal system.

Successful child recipe of production!

If a 7-10 years old child is supervised by adults, and can be somehow controlled, limiting access to the computer, elder and independent teenagers are a different thing. Teenagers (senior students or adults) don’t take these limitations seriously, or they work as a reminder: See a poster with an inscription «smoking is harmful», and a hand automatically takes a cigarette. Only motivation and replacement of negative behavior models with positive examples effectively works at this age. Teenagers, consciously or not, imitate idols. As a rule, these are successful people: businessmen, athletes, actors, musicians.

You still have to make children understand that big money and national love are attracted to health, and not vice versa. Success is an equivalent of vital energy. The more conscious movement we give to the body, the more it thanks us by the internal force, good cogitative activity, external appeal. We attract success both in affairs, and in personal relations, people are interested in us and trust us.

It is also a way to the management of life and peculiar «recipe of production» of the successful personality.

There is more… Thanks to regular trainings with HGK:

  1. Muscular force increases, coordination, dexterity of movements develops.
  2. Sense organs, especially sight, hearing, touch, muscular sensitivity harmoniously develop.
  3. There’s no place and time for irritability and nervousness.
  4. The adequate perception of the world develops and skills of determination of distance, weight , durability and other qualities of subjects are formed.
  5. Skills of the best performance of natural movements grow that conducts to the best self-management.
  6. Ability of thinking is improved, developing attention, memory and motive imagination.
  7. The will and character, self-determination, readiness to overcome obstacles is built up, resourcefulness and ability to be self-controlled in different situations develop.

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