Rings, ladder, horizontal bar – for your little child so far

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For a start it is necessary to define, where you plan to place a sports corner. If you have not much place in the room, you can choose sport center of 0,5 m2. But it is necessary to consider that there has to be some free space around so that, for example, riding a rope, the child wasn’t afraid to break something or to hit.

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Experience shows that even if there are four people in one room, it is possible to find a place for sports exercises of a child. Perhaps, for this purpose it is necessary to take away not really necessary chair, to move the child’s sleeping spot to the second level (the kid will only be glad to do that!) or to replace a usual table on a folding table. There are many options, you will surely find the optimum. And happy owners of spacious rooms are able to afford a sport center of 4-5 m2.

Sport centers differ in a way of installation. Think over, what will be more convenient personally to you — to fix it to a ceiling or to a wall. For example, if the wall represents a partition made of drywall, it is, of course, unsafe to mount a complex to it. Fastening can be carried out by bolts — in this case it is necessary to drill holes in a wall. The way of fastening in thrust is easier and also doesn’t demand use of any tools. However, it demands a «rigid» ceiling, stretch and suspended ceilings don’t suit in this case.

All our gyms are sold with a sports mat for additional safety of your children, you should explain to the kid, why it is necessary. Safety of your child as at the first stages depends on it, because falling is inevitable.

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The child does only what he can do on his own, it is the basic principle guaranteeing protection against injuries. For example, don’t swing the kid on rings until he learns to do it. After all when rocking load of hands sharply increases, and the adult cannot always estimate, how strong is the young athlete. First try to be near during exercises. If the child overestimated the forces, for example, got upward and can’t go down, you will be able to come and rescue.

Thus it is important not to put the child away of the ladder — in this case he will learn nothing and the situation will repeat. It is necessary simply to secure and help to grope the lower crossbeam. Then he won’t be forced to call mother next time.

All gyms for kid consist of wall-mounted ladder and the top horizontal crossbeams (they can be wooden or metal). Additional equipment is put on them: rings, swing, rope, rope ladder, horizontal bars. But you shouldn’t mount all this equipment at once, one or two devices are fine for the beginning. In process, you will be able to add all new devices, maintaining interest of the young champion.

At first HGK (as any new toy) will have huge success. Over time interest will weaken. At this moment, many parents make a mistake, trying to force the kid to exercise. You shouldn’t do it! It is better to show gymnasts to the child on TV (after all children would like to somersault like them!). Or to invite home friends who have no such equipment — their delight for certain will be infectious.

And the main thing — rejoice, simply rejoice for the child when it manages something. It is the best incentive for successful exercises. After all even the best gym in the world won’t cause interest if mother remains indifferent to small, but such important achievements of the kid.

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