Pulling up on a horizontal bar: programs, techniques, ways

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During physical education classes children try to learn to pull up any way. Having collected will in a fist, young athletes with effort try to execute at least some pulling up under loud instructions of the physical education teacher. Being adults, we continue trainings on a horizontal bar, seeking to make the maximum number of repetitions. Is it worth doing and how this type of exercises influences our force and beauty?

The advantage of pulling up on a horizontal bar is obvious. The horizontal bar considerably improves posture. Pulling up and even hanging on a crossbeam promotes straightening of backbone.
The program of pulling up on a horizontal bar includes types of the exercises training various groups of muscles. Regular trainings on a crossbeam help to develop a magnificent athletic figure.

The pulling up technique on a horizontal bar with high loading forces to work practically all muscles. It’s impossible to achieve long-term visible result at once. The patience, aiming at result and persistent trainings will be necessary for you. Before exercising it is important to make easy warm-up of joints, but not to stretch too much. There are different types of pulling up on a horizontal bar for achievement of a healthy and beautiful figure:

Pulling up on a horizontal bar with close grip method

The initial program of pulling up on a horizontal bar assumes close supinated grip which focuses effort on bending of elbows. Pulling up on a horizontal bar with close grip method perfectly develops bicepses, broadest muscles of back, gear muscles, muscles of forearms and back bunches of deltoid muscles. In a starting position, it is necessary to hang on a horizontal bar and turn hands palms to each other.

The distance between hands has to make no more than 30 cm. The technology of pulling up on a horizontal bar assumes the movement up until the chin isn’t higher than a crossbeam. You will feel as bicepses and the broadest muscles of a back strain. Keeping the top position, smoothly fall to a starting position. Then without respite, try to carry out the necessary number of repetitions.

Pulling up on a horizontal bar with the wide grip to a breast

From all ways of pulling up on a horizontal bar it is the most useful and difficult. It is extremely seldom possible to meet the athlete in a gym who can do the correct pulling up on a horizontal bar with wide grip. This exercise renders complex load of muscles of hands, and also of the broadest muscles of back and trapezoid muscles. The pulling up technique on a horizontal bar the wide grip to a breast assumes a crossbeam grasp palms aside, hands thus need to be kept at arm’s length, exceeding width of shoulders (the more widely, the better).

Start doing pulling up, trying to touch a crossbeam with your breast. In the top point make a pause for 1 second, and then smoothly return to a starting position. If at first pulling up on a horizontal bar with wide grip to breast level troubles you, do this exercise as much as you can, gradually trying to reach the necessary point.
Pulling up on a horizontal bar behind neck

It is a popular, but injury-causing way of pulling up on a horizontal bar. Pulling up on a horizontal bar behind neck trains pair round muscles, trapezoid, and also the middle of the broadest muscles of a back. Width of grip is the same as in the previous exercise. Try to pull up without caving in in a back.

Hold legs straight, in one line with the body. The correct pulling up on a horizontal bar behind neck assumes the direction of elbows down, but not back. If you notice bad mobility of shoulder joints, pulling up on a horizontal bar behind neck in case of frequent and careless exercising can cause serious injuries.

Pulling up on a horizontal bar with medium twisted grip

The main emphasis when doing pulling up on a horizontal bar with medium twisted grip goes on the broadest muscles of back and bicepses. Take a crossbeam by palms with medium twisted grip equal to width of shoulders. The scheme of pulling up on a horizontal bar with medium twisted grip urges in the beginning the movements to concentrate on keeping shoulders down, and during pulling up — back.
At the end of training it is recommended to stretch the worked muscles. Stretching promotes relaxation of muscles and nervous system.

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Different types of pulling up on a horizontal bar allow to bring a variety into the monotonous system of trainings.

It is important to control technology of pulling up on a horizontal bar. After all correct approach to exercises is capable to increase result of training. Important points in the scheme of pulling up on a horizontal bar:

  • Correct grip. To provide reliability of the grip, densely clasp a crossbeam, observing necessary technique.
  • Breath control. When moving up take a breath, when lowering — exhale.
  • Lack of bursts. It is necessary to pull up smoothly using back muscles.
  • Safe descent. It is important to pay attention to a negative phase of exercise.
  • Pulling up on a horizontal bar is an excellent way to achieve a beautiful and attractive figure!
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