Prevention of scoliosis for children

Exercise 3 home gym for kids

Scoliosis is the curvature of a backbone involving a number of the diseases caused by irritation of nerve roots of intervertebral disks. The metabolism of organism that causes a number of serious diseases, among which cholecystitis, bronchial asthma, and in some cases a heart attack is as a result broken.

Recently doctors even more often diagnose scoliosis of children of school age as modern children sit long at school desks and at the computer. When the child is in a sitting position, his backbone experiences big strain that leads to its deformation and diseases subsequently. To avoid scoliosis and its consequences, it is necessary to seriously do remedial gymnastics.

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If not to pay attention to a small curvature of a backbone, counting that «this too shall pass», it leads to extensive-stage disease and then this might even require a surgery. Therefore conservative treatment by means of physiotherapy exercises gives the chance to completely get rid of an illness at initial stages of development of scoliosis of children.

Remedial gymnastics will relieve a backbone of excessive loading, will balance a muscular tone and as a result will give the chance to create a correct posture of the child and will strengthen his health.

Set of exercises for children with scoliosis

The most important condition of efficiency of remedial gymnastics exercises is their regularity and systematicity. Besides, it is necessary to explain to the child that breaks between lessons exist to unload the backbone and to actively move.

Parents are obliged to control that remedial gymnastics is done regularly and consistently. There are medical exercises which can successfully be done in house conditions. The simplest exercise improving blood circulation and straightening backbone is lifting hands up and sideways.

It strengthens muscles of the body, back and stomach, and also elasticity of a backbone is promoted by body bending sideways.

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Knee bending well strengthens posture during which one should not lift the heels, and try not to bend the back.
The next exercise is done in lying position on a back with bent knees and resting feet against a floor. Raising hips, make arch with your spine. From position on all fours at the same time and serially raise and straighten the left hand and the right foot, and then — repeat the same movements, but on the contrary.

Lay down on a back, extend both hands along your body. Raise both hands at the same time and at the same time lower them. Lying on a back, raise hands on the nape. Serially bring together and part elbows. The best achievement of effect of treatment of scoliosis requires performance of medical exercises on special devices. Home gym for kid is equipped with the sports equipment, in particular well-mounted ladder, necessary for medical exercises.

Wall-mounted ladder gives the chance to straighten and stretch back muscles if the child simply hangs on it for a while. If serially, without shaking, take away feet in different directions, it will give additional load on a backbone and muscles that will promote their strengthening. Hanging on the top crossbeam, the child gradually takes away feet back. Exercise is carried out for strengthening of muscles of lumbar area and back.

Exercising on the wall-mounted ladder, the child strengthens pectoral muscles and muscles of hands.

This exercise should be done, gradually increasing loading.

Hanging on a crossbeam facing the wall-mounted ladder, the child smoothly caves in, taking away a nape and feet back. Regular exercises on the wall-mounted ladder will help not only to get rid of scoliosis, but also will significantly improve health in case of treatment of platypodia and diseases of cardiovascular system.

We all know that it is better to prevent a disease, than to treat it. Getting home gym for kid, parents care not so much about leisure, but about health of the child. Regularly going in for sports, the child will be able to get rid of initial stages of development of scoliosis, it essentially improves the immunity and the child will grow up healthy and tough.

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