How to pick up and set up the Home gym for kids

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Installation of the home gym for kid in the apartment.

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When choosing a sports corner, wall-mounted ladder in the apartment, first of all, it is necessary to consider the following moments.

1. Ceiling
Ceiling height indoors where HGK will be set up. If ceiling height in your apartment is from 2.4 m to 3 m it is better for you to choose model with thrust installation.

Adjustment on height at metal corners is carried out by means of an adjusting rack which is inserted into the main rack, or moves forward from it depending on ceiling height.
The thrust installation option is more convenient than fastening to a wall.

First of all, it isn’t necessary to drill walls, a floor and a ceiling. Installation is less labor-consuming.
Secondly, you can establish the wall-mounted ladder on any distance from a wall, at any angle, that will allow the child to use it from both sides. Especially it is actual when you have more than one child.
Thirdly, if you decided to change around in the room, moving the ladder or HGK is not hard to do. It is only necessary to twirl bolts, move a corner and untwist bolts again.

Ceiling material. If a ceiling is concrete or wooden, you without problems can use thrust installation. If you have stretch or drywall ceiling, it is often possible to set up only model with fastening to a wall. But here some options are also possible. If you already have a stretch ceiling, it is possible to set up HGK ONLY with fastening to a wall. If you only plan to have a stretch ceiling, it is possible to set HGK up between a floor and a ceiling. For this purpose, it is necessary to collect the top frame and plan spots for fastenings on a ceiling.

The experts setting up a stretch ceiling will make technological openings in it and after that you can use it for HGK fastening. In this case you will need longer fastenings with the ceiling. They can be made of a crossbeam of the wall-mounted ladder.

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If you have stretch or drywall ceiling, thrust installation. is also possible. There are three options of installation on drywall.
The 1st option — installation on additional laying. It is simple: You increase the square for fastening, respectively you reduce pressure. It is possible to use a furniture board, a board, plywood, etc. as this laying.

The 2nd option —fastening in the main ceiling, through openings in drywall. Procedure is approximately similar to installation on a stretch ceiling, but with that difference that it is possible to drill openings already in a ready ceiling, but not at an installation stage. As well as in a case with a stretch ceiling you will need longer fastening on a ceiling.

2. Floor
There are no strict requirements to a covering of a floor. It can be laminate, tile, parquet or board. Often customers are afraid that the models with thrust installation will spoil the floor and the ceiling. This problem is especially actual if the corner is put in the rental apartment. It is easy to avoid this trouble. For this purpose, it is necessary to enclose additional laying under a plastic or rubber fastenings, which are included into the package. They can be made of an old carpet, or plywood.

3. Walls
Fixing material which is included into the package of HGK, is aimed at, first of all, ferro-concrete and brick walls. It is necessary to use long anchors for fastening to a main wall during installation of a sports corner on the walls leveled by means of drywall sheets.
The fixture on drywall without a main wall under it is impossible.

4. Installation site
In the description of each HGK there is such characteristic as the occupied space.

For example:

HGK. The occupied space: 0,55×1,1 m

The occupied space is measured on a ceiling. Respectively at this model width makes 55 cm, and depth of 1 m and 10 cm. That means that this area is enough for installation of a sports corner. But for fuller use of such devices as rings, trapeze, swing it is recommended to provide 70cm-1m more aside of wall-mounted ladder.

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