How to learn to climb a rope correctly

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Climbing technique and sports exercises on a rope for a child. If to accustom the child to climb a rope since childhood, it is possible not to worry about its physical development. Because this exercise strengthens practically all groups of muscles. During exercises on a rope muscles of hands, legs, backs and the press are involved in bigger degree. All of us know, how restless are children.

And anybody will never abuse them for this activity, after all it is necessary for them. Purchase of a home gym which the rope is an excellent way to entertain the child and at the same time develop his physical state. It will be pleasant to climb a rope to any kid, since 3 years old.

It is only important to do it under supervision of adults. Also, safeguarding the child, it is necessary to use sports mats so that the little athlete wasn’t traumatized.

How to learn to climb a rope

To learn this trick, it isn’t necessary to be a sensei or a guru. But it is important to have a strong grip and at least the minimum physical form. Such exercises as hanging on a horizontal bar on two hands or on one in turn will help to develop the grip; extension of an expander in statics, with a delay at the maximum loading, or in dynamics — a set of fast bursts (instant loading); lifting of bars with a big diameter; and others. To train the child to climb a rope, it is necessary to begin with small loading, connecting the imagination and turning exercises into game.

For example, for a start it is possible to suggest to rock on a rope, grabbing the rope only by hands, as a little monkey. Or to put a towel (a newspaper, a magazine, sheets of paper) under a rope and tell that it is a pool (a small river, a ravine) and it is necessary to fly by all means through it, holding a rope. Thus the child will learn to hang on a rope, and it is already half of a deal.

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Having taken the first step, we pass to more difficult exercises on a rope. The child needs to grasp hanging rope with hands and legs. The correct grip is better to be practiced on a gymnastic stick or a pole. Hands have to be at the level of a breast or slightly higher, and legs: one adjoins it with front part, the second bends around from a reverse side and closes the grip. Then, suggest the child to shake a rope, without touching the floor or walls — using only the body.

When all above mentioned exercises on a rope are perfectly done, it is necessary to begin training the correct way of climbing a rope.

Climbing technique

We told you about initial basics of how to learn to climb a rope. Now it’s time to describe the correct technique and the main ways of execution of this simple, at first sight, exercise.

There are two main techniques:

1 — The first is based on the movement reminding bends of the caterpillar creeping up the spider line. There can be two variations of this type of climbing a rope. We start with straight legs and then we bend them, pulling up, we grab the rope, we straighten and at the same time intercept by hands the rope above. Or legs are initially bent, we straighten them, intercept by hands the rope above and again we accept initial position with the bent legs.

2 — The second type completely depends on hands. It answers a question: how to climb a rope. This technique is more high-speed, but also more energy-intensive. Initial position: Hanging on a rope, legs are straightened, one hand is at the level of a breast, the second — is straightened over the head. Further it is necessary to bend feet and intercept by them above, hands change positions — now the one from above appears at the level of a breast, the second clings to a rope over the head.

Exercises on a rope are very useful to the growing organism because influence many groups of muscles, develop coordination, dexterity, improve vestibular mechanism. The rope as an element of home gym for kid, will help your child grow healthy and strong.

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