Exercises with home gym for kid

Exercise 1 home gym for kids

The ancient philosopher and Ibn-Sīnā’s doctor (Avicenna) said such words once: «The person who is in due time engaged in physical exercises, doesn’t need any treatment directed on treatment of his illness». Sport promotes continuation of human life, strengthens health and improves mood. Understanding importance of sports exercises, parents try to explain it to children. Now, you shouldn’t spend efforts to force the child to go in for sports. There are home gyms for kids for this purpose —it is interesting to do physical exercises on the fascinating sports equipment and it is also useful!

Exercise 8 home gym for kids

Children perceive the world and develop by means of game. Therefore, it is possible to interest the child in sport only by means of game. This is the main advantage of home gym for kid. HGK— is a real ground for games where a child physically develops.

It is possible to do simple sports exercises with HGK at home everyday.

Exercises with home gym for kid

HGK are compact and functional. They consist of a wall-mounted ladder and a horizontal bar, and also if the design and free space in the apartment allow, they can have additional devices, such as a rope, a rope ladder, a trapeze, etc. The home gym for kid is at the disposal of a young athlete at any time and in any weather. In the morning during daily physical exercises, in breaks between lessons, and in free time in the evening the kid can do exercises with home gym for kid. Parents can relax, after all the child is occupied with useful and interesting activity.
And how many useful exercises one can do using home gym for kid!

Home gym for kids exercises
Exercises with home gym for kids

Exercises on a rope ladder
● It is cheerful and useful to rise up and to go down on a rope ladder, paddling hands and feet at the same time.
Exercises on a rope
● Standing on the ground, the child clasps a rope above the head. It is necessary to stand on knot which is tied on the lower end of a rope and to cheerfully shake forward and back.
Exercises on gymnastic rings
● The kid hangs on gymnastic rings and rotates round its axis. Thus, twists ropes of rings in a plate. Then the child raises legs and is untwisted in the opposite direction.
● Standing on the ground, the child takes rings. It is necessary to bend feet in knees and to part knees aside, and then again to pull them together and to come back to a starting position.

Home sport devices are always available to children therefore allow to enrich any children’s game with the movement, to alternate physical activity to the intellectual.

home gym for kids sample 4

Doing exercises with home gym for kid, it is necessary to teach the child to jump off and fall correctly that in the future will reduce traumatism threat outdoors. The kid will learn to count the forces and will be careful. For increase of safety it is possible to put a soft mat on the floor. Exercising on home gym for kid, the child will be stronger, mobile and flexible. Muscles of hands and feet, humeral belt, breast, back, backbone and abdominal tension will get stronger. Since early years kids can exercise on home gym for kid.

Clambering without footwear up, the child will mass feet that is excellent prevention of platypodia. Besides, exercises on HGK will help the child to avoid problems with backbone. Hanging on a horizontal bar will help to remove backbone stress and by that to prevent its curvature. Being engaged at home, it is important to air the room where the child trains well. Let the kid choose games with advantage for development and health!

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