Exercises on gymnastic rings

Exercise 9 home gym for kids

Exercises on gymnastic rings will help the young athlete to strengthen muscles of a humeral belt and arms, to improve posture, to develop dexterity and endurance. They are interesting for children of any age and physical condition. It is possible to start with a usual hanging on rings, rocking, twisting and free untwisting.

It is possible to suggest more difficult exercises on gymnastic rings for elder children, for example: direct corner. For this purpose, the child has to hang on arms, holding rings, and to raise legs at an angle of 90 degrees to a body. If it is impossible to execute this exercise with straight legs on rings, then it is possible to start raising legs bent in knees. When it already works well easily, we straighten them. It is possible to make some tries with raising legs, and it is possible to stay in this position as long as possible. This exercise promotes strengthening of muscles of abdominal tension.

It is possible to carry out pullings up on rings for development of muscles of arms. They differ a little from pullings up on a static support. It is necessary not only to lift a body weight, but also to keep balance, to watch that arms didn’t part, and also to make evenly rise of both arms. This exercise on rings is quite difficult to make therefore it is hard for a child to do this exercise correctly. The parent’s task in this case is to trace the accuracy of technology of execution and to encourage the child.

Exercise on rings for children of senior age with excellent physical state is called «raise up to support». It allows to strengthen external part of pectoral muscles, to develop their flexibility, increase triceps force, extend the broadest muscles to the waist, having considerably increased thus their force.

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Home gym for kids

Such occupations on gymnastic rings will allow your child further not only easily tighten on a horizontal bar to neck level, but also to pull body much above — raise up to support. A starting position for performance of this exercise: Hanging on straight arms. Then it is necessary to jerk rise up, having thrown a body so that arms appeared at the breast level. If it is impossible to do at once, it is necessary to regularly train this exercise separately during occupations on gymnastic rings. As soon as it starts working, we pass further.

When arms appear opposite to a breast, we turn them so that elbows left upward. Thus, we stand in position with support on the bent arms. This is already a big achievement. Being in such position it is necessary to use serious efforts so that arms didn’t part aside.

If you feel forces in yourself, then from the position with support on halfbent arms it is possible to pass to the position with support on straight arms. This exercise on rings is aimed at children who are seriously going in for sports and having excellent physical state.

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