Exercises on a wall-mounted ladder

Purchase of a wall-mounted ladder is a real event for a family. The new sports exerciser is met with honor and gets the best place in the house. But you have a question: how to use a wall-mounted ladder about which you heard so many enthusiastic stories for designated purpose? Let’s get acquainted with new sports acquisition closer! There is a set of remarkable exercises with the wall-mounted ladder which will be pleasant for children and adults.

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Exercises on the wall-mounted ladder train muscles, strengthen immunity, increase force and endurance of an organism. Your child will strengthen muscles of a back, hands, hips and an abdominal tension. It improves posture, body proportions, a kid can become more plastic by means of this remarkable device. Children and teenagers who devote to exercises on the wall-mounted ladder much time, learn to control action, temper will and character. Sports exercises on the wall-mounted ladder promote not only to physical, but also intellectual development. Who will refuse to be beautiful, strong and clever? Go and conquer the wall-mounted ladder!

If you have a very little child, you may suggest a set of exercises on the wall-mounted ladder for kids.

● «Knee-bend». The child stands facing a wall, holds a crossbeam, releases legs and hangs. Then it is necessary to pull legs up and stand on the lower step of the ladder. In such position, the kid squats.
● «Arch». The kid turns his back to the wall, and holds a crossbeam above the head. Positions legs on the first crossbeam and bends forward, forming an «arch».
● Pulling up feet to stomach in hanging. At first the child carries out pulling up of the bent legs, and straight legs. Carrying out this exercise, the kid strengthens muscles of hands and anterior surface of a hip, trains a press. During this exercise, a child gets a massage of abdominal organs.
● This exercise is similar to the previous one, it is only necessary to hang facing a ladder and to lift feet back to a contact the buttocks. The kid trains muscles of a back surface of a hip and buttocks.
● «Climbing on a ladder». The kid will for certain like to clamber on short stairs in free style. This simple and fascinating exercise strengthens ankle joints and is prevention of platypodia.

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Small children like to make exercises on the ladder very much. But it isn’t necessary to leave kids alone with it. Exercises with ladder have to take place under control of parents. Also it is recommended to put a soft mat on a floor for increase of safety of the child during sports activities.

Not only small children are delighted with exercises on the ladder, elder children and even adults can train with pleasure on this sports equipment. The set of exercises on the ladder for children and adults includes interesting and useful sports movements.

● «Pendulum». Hanging on the top crossbeam in a starting position. Shake legs strictly parallel to a wall in the fixed position of hands and body. Exercise must be done 8-16 times.
● «Little Mermaid». Hanging on the top crossbeam or a horizontal bar in a starting position. Make circles by your legs in both directions 8-12 times. At change of the direction it is possible to do a small respite.
● In a starting position hang facing the ladder, hands on width of shoulders, legs together, toes down. Caving in, you take away at the same time feet and a nape back. Repeat 8-12 times.
●Pull-ups. If you can’t pull up, it is enough to just hang in the beginning. With each training do attempts to pull up, you can do it! Pull-ups perfectly affect breast muscles, lifting and strengthening them.
● «Corners». This exercise is easier than raising straight legs, but it is possible to complicate it by making serial rises in different directions. In this case oblique muscles of a press are involved.
● «Gun». Do knee-bends on one leg, and hold the second leg directed horizontally forward in direct position of the body.

The offered set of exercises on the ladder makes positive impact on health of all categories engaged in it. Exercises with the ladder are recommended to patients with a backbone curvature, hypertension, platypodia. Everyone who wants to have a slim figure, strong muscles, steel press, strong hands, flexible back, good extension and an excellent tone of an organism are to make exercises on the wall-mounted ladder! The home gym will help to keep a physical shape of children, and also all family members.

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Gymnastic rings, rope, horizontal bar and other sports equipment will help to diversify exercises on the ladder. Children will be delighted with the new sports equipment! Exercises on the ladder aren’t reduced to a certain set of exercises. You can dream and think out the new movements and exercises.

The wall-mounted ladder is very useful acquisition. Creative approach and desire to exercise will allow you and your children to promote health and feel genuine pleasure from sport.

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