Rings, ladder, horizontal bar – for your little child so far

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For a start it is necessary to define, where you plan to place a sports corner. If you have not much place in the room, you can choose sport center of 0,5 m2. But it is necessary to consider that there has to be some free space around so that, for example, riding a rope, the child wasn’t afraid to break something or to hit. Experience shows that even if there are four people in one…

Pulling up on a horizontal bar: programs, techniques, ways

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During physical education classes children try to learn to pull up any way. Having collected will in a fist, young athletes with effort try to execute at least some pulling up under loud instructions of the physical education teacher. Being adults, we continue trainings on a horizontal bar, seeking to make the maximum number of repetitions. Is it worth doing and how this type of exercises influences our force and beauty? The…

Prevention of scoliosis for children

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Scoliosis is the curvature of a backbone involving a number of the diseases caused by irritation of nerve roots of intervertebral disks. The metabolism of organism that causes a number of serious diseases, among which cholecystitis, bronchial asthma, and in some cases a heart attack is as a result broken. Recently doctors even more often diagnose scoliosis of children of school age as modern children sit long at school desks and at the computer. When the…

How to pick up and set up the Home gym for kids

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Installation of the home gym for kid in the apartment. When choosing a sports corner, wall-mounted ladder in the apartment, first of all, it is necessary to consider the following moments. 1. Ceiling Ceiling height indoors where HGK will be set up. If ceiling height in your apartment is from 2.4 m to 3 m it is better for you to choose model with thrust installation. Adjustment on height at metal corners is carried out by means of an adjusting…

How to learn to climb a rope correctly

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Climbing technique and sports exercises on a rope for a child. If to accustom the child to climb a rope since childhood, it is possible not to worry about its physical development. Because this exercise strengthens practically all groups of muscles. During exercises on a rope muscles of hands, legs, backs and the press are involved in bigger degree. All of us know, how restless are children. And anybody will never…

Exercises on gymnastic rings

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Exercises on gymnastic rings will help the young athlete to strengthen muscles of a humeral belt and arms, to improve posture, to develop dexterity and endurance. They are interesting for children of any age and physical condition. It is possible to start with a usual hanging on rings, rocking, twisting and free untwisting. It is possible to suggest more difficult exercises on gymnastic rings for elder children, for example: direct corner….

Exercises on a wall-mounted ladder

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Purchase of a wall-mounted ladder is a real event for a family. The new sports exerciser is met with honor and gets the best place in the house. But you have a question: how to use a wall-mounted ladder about which you heard so many enthusiastic stories for designated purpose? Let’s get acquainted with new sports acquisition closer! There is a set of remarkable exercises with the wall-mounted ladder…

Exercises with home gym for kid

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The ancient philosopher and Ibn-Sīnā’s doctor (Avicenna) said such words once: «The person who is in due time engaged in physical exercises, doesn’t need any treatment directed on treatment of his illness». Sport promotes continuation of human life, strengthens health and improves mood. Understanding importance of sports exercises, parents try to explain it to children. Now, you shouldn’t spend efforts to force the child to go in for sports….

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