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Home gyms for kids

See all indoor home gyms for kids.

Outdoor gyms for kids

See all outdoor home gyms for kids.

Soft play area

Soft play items for indoor gyms. Full range of soft play equipment.

Healthy children blog

Read more about kids sport activities and health development.

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Technical description

10 reasons for safety and high quality of home gyms for kids

description og home gyms for kids

What is your benefit when Your kids using home gym?

Anti TV and games

Keep your kids out off TV and video games


Home gym 24 hours available


Make your kids strong

Happy kids

Happy kids with sporting on home gyms

Funny games

Funny games at home for your kids

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Before Home gym for kids

Kids Before Home gym for kids

After Home gym for kids

After home gym for kids

How to use home gyms for kids

Watch our short video story about Home gyms for kids and learn more how to improve your kids health development.

Our gyms are certified by TUV NOD

Our home gyms for kids are certified by famous europian experts by TUV Nord. All certificationa are valide many years.

Some of installed home gyms for kids

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